From Neglected to Nurtured: The Restoration of Nalla Thanni Kulam

United Way of Chennai, a non-profit organization focuses on working towards addressing the issues pertaining to environment, education, health, livelihood and much more. We partnered with Symrise India Private Limited to restore the Nalla Thanni Kulam pond with a capacity of 6 million litres located in Sithalapakkam Panchayat, Kanchipuram district through their CSR initiative. 

The Nalla Thanni Kulam pond is a community-owned pond located in Sithalapakkam Panchayat of Kanchipuram district, Tamil Nadu. The project’s objective is holistic ecological restoration, making the pond community friendly and accessible for recreational   activities by including facilities such as a nature walk pathway, play area for children and solar lamps.

The community is a home to 400 families. Yet, the pond was a restricted location for the people as it was polluted by discarded alcohol bottles, waste clothes and other waste from the houses and from the rituals conducted in the temples. As the pond was out of use for a long time, it became an unsafe place for women, children and all community members

Previously the pond water was used for drinking purposes and other household requirements. The capacity of the pond enables it to hold rainwater for a maximum of 7 months. Residents believe that the water from the pond can enhance their immune system. 

Hence, we joined hands with Symrise India Private Limited and the Panchayat officials of Sithalapakkam Panchayat to restore the pond. We cleared the jungle, dredged the pond, and desilted the bottom after acquiring the necessary permissions. After strengthening and leveling the bunds, we created pathways around the pond where women and the community members can take a walk. To make the pond more accessible for children, we set up a play area and seating benches. We installed solar lamps to ensure that the pond is safe for women, children and all community members. 

The pond is currently used by women, children, elderly and all community members for various purposes. It is evident that the restoration of the Nalla Thanni Kulam pond has been quite remarkable and useful for the community members. United Way of Chennai is committed to restoring many more ponds across the state thereby striking a balance in the environment.  

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