United Way Chennai is actively involved in rejuvenating lakes in and around Chennai, with corporate support and in collaboration with the Government.


Our intervention aims at reviving dying lakes of Chennai. We work on reclaiming and restoring several lakes which are on the verge of total collapse and ruin, by clearing them of sewage, improving the quality of water and turning them into active community spaces.

Especially, ponds have been an inherent part of the ecosystem. Apart from being a source of water for various purposes like drinking, washing, agriculture, fishing, etc. the ponds are also known to recharge ground water, channelize water flow to prevent water logging and flooding.


Another major focus of our work in environment is of watershed management. Watershed is the area of land that drains or sheds water into a specific receiving waterbody, such as a lake or a river. As rainwater runs downhill in the watershed, it collects and transports sediment and other materials and deposits them into the receiving waterbody.


We join hands with corporate volunteers to plant saplings in school premises where we run our intrerventions.

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