Lakes & ponds neglected for years

Therpet Lake - Before Rejuvenation

Rapid and careless urban expansion has isolated water bodies that were traditionally interconnected, thereby reducing their health and making them convenient sites for the dumping of garbage and debris.

These water bodies not only act as catchment areas for rainwater but also allow them to percolate into the ground, thereby recharging the ground water table.

Building an ecosystem of change

UWC’s intends to improve groundwater recharge, aquatic life, and green cover in Tamil Nadu by reviving and preserving its water bodies through a sustainable Waterbody Rejuvenation program.

Our 360-degree partnerships help us identify water bodies that are in disrepair all around the state. Along with the local authorities like the Block Development Office, Panchayat and volunteers, we conduct a site visit to understand the condition of the waterbody, including including a flora and fauna study, conditions of Inlets and outlets of the lake, the status of bund and waste weirs, characteristics of catchments areas, solid waste management,  point and nonpoint sources of pollution among others.

We follow this with a topographical survey using a Digital Global Position System (DGPS) to detail out the extent of the lake, bed levels, contours, sections, surrounding developments, and encroachments.

Bringing waterbodies back to life

UWC plans to rejuvenate as many waterbodies in the state as possible for improved watershed management and create a microclimate for flora and fauna to thrive in the area. We also transform these water bodies into areas for recreation.

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