Skills you can develop when you work at an NGO

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NGO’s are non profit, citizen based group that functions independently of government. They are organized on local, national and international levels for social purposes. These organizations serves marginalised sections of the country and develop them. But what will you gain if you volunteer at an NGO?

As an individual you can experience a change within yourself. Teenagers and youth get exposed to the outside world but if you contemplate on the skills that you can gain by working with NGO’s, they are colossal. I will highlight few important skills you can gain by working with NGO:

LEADERSHIP SKILLS: Usually teenagers do not come forward to take responsibility as a leader as most of them are shy and ignorant. When they start working with an NGO group they will be asked to take leadership for a specific activity. They will learn how to lead a team which will prove to be useful for them in their later stages of life when they start working.

Communication and networking: when you work with different NGO groups you get exposed to a different surrounding and eventually people will start to connect with each other with ultimately lot of contacts. Only when you start working with lots of people you start developing your communication and networking skills.

Problem-solving and critical thinking:  “Thinking out of the box” is the appropriate term I would use to explain this skill. When you work with a team you will obviously encounter problems and you are in a need to solve the problem sooner. This is where critical thinking comes into play. You have to think out of the box to arrive at an accurate solution for the problem. Time management is also another important skill you will learn from working with NGO.

All these skills will come with you throughout your lifetime and will help you in your job as well. Try to develop these skills so you get a grip of it.