Madhavi feels like a queen!

With a locomotor disability, she used to travel miles to earn pennies.
Today, she does business all year round & she feels she only needs the will to progress.

PwDs form less than one percent of the Indian workforce.

Although two-thirds of India falls within the working age group, there are still lakhs of people who struggle to find suitable employment and make ends meet. Among them, the differently-abled and women get a raw deal due to their perceived shortcomings, making them more vulnerable to poverty.

It’s time to uplift the doubly disadvantaged
and give them hope for a dignified future.

Creating a better life for all

Differently-abled adults across Tamil Nadu do not find stable employment and resort to doing odd jobs to feed their families. UWC empowers these individuals by setting up Government approved bunk shops at prime locations and trains them in day-to-day business, cash flow management, and book-keeping. We continue to support them for 2 years, monitor their progress & provide any required assistance.

Expanding business opportunities for rural women

Rural women across Tamil Nadu are engaged in small but stable businesses such as doll making, pottery making etc which have great scope for growth but limited investment. UWC strives to become engines of rural wealth by empowering these women to grow their business, reach new markets and become centers of gainful employment in their villages.

PWDs empowered as entrepreneurs
3- 0 k
Avg increase in monthy income
Rural women empowered

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