United Way Worldwide designed an initiative that aimed at bridging the gap in early child development by providing public awareness and mobilization strategy to accelerate a community’s early learning goals. Within India, the UW network has customized the global program to suit local requirements of the Anganwadisthat typically cater to children between the ages of 0-6 years, living in poorer neighbourhoods.

Through its relationship with the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) department, UWC has worked to bring back to life 48 of the dilapidated Anganwadis across the state of Tamil Nadu. Under the guidance of the ICDS department and the District Project Officer, the needs and requirements of these Anganwadis have been critically analyzed and the intervention has been planned based on this.

Born Learning Campaign

01. Creating a safe and stimulating environment that is conducive to early learning

• Refurbishment work to create a vibrant learning space

• Providing Essentials such as cleaning materials, kitchen Utensils, and Hygiene kits

• Installing Solar Light Facilities

• Providing Shishu/Anganwadi Desks


02. Enhance pre-school learning through capacity building of facilitators

• Daily visits by facilitators to the centers

• Conduct activities to increase fine & gross motor development, cognitive development, creative development, language development and socio-emotional development.

• Equipping the Anganwadi with learning materials and establishing a mini library in centres to inculcate reading practice and language development for the children.




03. Engage & involve the community including capacity building of parents to bring better involvement in the development of their children. 

• Conduct Theme-Based Monthly Events to keep the parents attracted to the centre and interested in children’s development.

• Conduct Mothers Meeting to address concerns related to the child’s development and build rapport

with the mothers.

• Form Mazhalaiyar Membattu Kuzhu (Child Development Committee), an 11-member committee which consists of parents, SHG members, Social worker, etc. and these members together works towards the upliftment of the AWC.

Holistic School Development

United Way Chennai has been working towards holistic development of Schools which are in dire need of interventions. To make these interventions more focused and impactful, UWC works along with the SSA (Samagra Siksha Abhiyan) and other government bodies overseeing education related programs.

As part of our larger holistic school development project, we design our interventions that lead to increase in enrolment of children from the village. We also ensure that the overall learning capacity of the children studying in the school is improved. We also introduce softer interventions such as digital literacy, life skills training, learning through art etc., on a long term goal basis.

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