Forging dreams of a better future

Malasree, the daughter of a daily wage worker, battles hearing & visual impairments every day.
She’s scoring above 75% in her BBA degree and dreams of uplifting her family.

1 in 4 children with special needs never attend school in Tamil Nadu

Education is the passport to the future. In an ideal world, every child would have equal access to high-quality education which would allow them to move beyond their station of birth. Unfortunately, that is not the reality we live in. Children in rural Tamil Nadu, particularly those who are differently-abled struggle the most.

It is our responsibility to create opportunities
for a better tomorrow, today.

Ensuring no child is left behind

More than 80% of differently-abled children are forced to drop out after class 8. The few who complete schooling are not likely to pursue higher education due to financial constraints. UWC set up the Know My Ability Scholarship Fund to provide scholarships to promising differently-abled students to pursue courses of their choice. 

Approximately 25% of all children with locomotor disabilities never attend school. Lack of barrier-free facilities like ramps and washrooms stand in the way of these children having access to a brighter future. UWC seeks to make all Govt. schools across TN accessible and promote inclusive education. 

Underprivileged children across the state have almost no means to gain access to mainstream schooling apart from Anganwadis and a large number of them in a state of neglect. UWC adopts these Anganwadis, refurbishes them, and runs locally relevant programs that help them become school ready.

PWDs Provided With Scholarships
Govt. Schools Made Accessible
Anganwadis Refurbished

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