Setting up a E-Sevai centre at Kanyakumari

The COVID Express, an initiative of United Way of Chennai, assists the families who have lost their breadwinner to COVID -19. We have helped 118 families to regain strength and livelihood through their struggle and this journey has been quite emotional for us. As part of this initiative, we assisted two women entrepreneurs from Kanyakumari district in setting up TNeGA centres (Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency) in Thiruvithamcode and Mekkamandapam. The idea of setting up the E-Sevai centre was brought forward by the women entrepreneurs as they witnessed the community members traveling up to 30 kilometres to avail government services. At present, the E-Sevai centre is helping the families to cope economically and also the community by providing the services that they are in need of. As our tagline says, ‘We win when we Live United’.

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