Covid-19: Providing Nutritional Essentials to Rural Tamil Nadu

A joint effort by United Way Chennai and FICCI FLO

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The COVID-19 second wave has struck India in a very big way, taking large number of human lives and exposing many more, to losing their lives due to lack of infrastructure to handle such a large, unprecedented human calamity.

United Way Chennai in collaboration with FICCI FLO have assessed the situation and have decided, for the moment, to concentrate on getting lifesaving and life supporting equipment as well as providing food to those who are affected by the pandemic. While these are tough times for all, it is more for some, than others.

For the next phase of food grains distribution, we are starting with the 1500+ families located in and around Mahaballipuram (near Chennai, TN). They are fairly self-sustained communities, that are supported by tourism in that area and also through their main profession, fishing. The current pandemic and lockdown has disrupted both those businesses and has also limited the ability of the people to travel from these hamlets to Chennai, which is is the nearest big City, to avail relief. They have been without work from Jan 2021, affected by cyclone, fish breeding season, and Covid-19. Due to all these, their incomes have been steadily declining and now, they are in a state of breakdown. Having heard of their plight, we have decided to provide a package containing basic provisions, so they can hold out for at least ten days, till conditions get better.

We have also planned to give special nutritive biscuits to 1000 children in these villages, who were living on midday meal until a year ago, but now are in a state of malnutrition.
You can do your bit to feed these families.


Established in 1983, FICCI FLO is a division of the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the oldest apex body of Industry and commerce in India, joined hands with the Government, when COVID 19 struck in 2020 and equipped the Military Hospitals and a few Government Hospitals with essential COVID 19 relief medical equipment. Apart from the above, with the total lockdown in force to stop the spread of the virus, livelihoods of numerous people was disrupted. FICCCI FLO distributed 61 Metric Tons of food grains to the needy.

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