Many marginalized communities including the ragpickers, migrant labourers as well as the indigenous tribal communities in the outskirts of Chennai have lost their livelihoods due to the lockdown.

With no savings to dip into or any source of income, these vulnerable communities are struggling to have a square meal a day.

The immediate need is to provide daily dry rations that can help sustain their families. UWC is providing dry ration kits (including Rice, Dal, Oil, Sugar, Salt & Spices) to ensure these families don’t go hungry.

We are also providing toiletries to promote safety & hygiene.

Target Families: 3000

Cost of 1 Family Kit with Dry Rations & Toiletries: ₹ 1200

60% of INR

34567890 met!


The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has been quite bleak for street vendors who had to go for months without a daily income. UWC has identified many such families who are in dire need of your help to restart their lives. We seek to provide financial aid equivalent to 1 month’s pay for them.

  • To help 1 affected family in a Tier – I city: ₹ 7000
  • To help 1 affected a Tier – II city: ₹ 5000

This basic income will help them pay for essentials such as food, water, medicines, electricity, and so on. We request you to donate generously and help the street vendors in our city tide through these difficult times.

50% of INR

200000 met!

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