500+ people in and around Tambaram will get access to clean drinking water at reduced cost

United Way Chennai, along with implementing partner Waterlife India and with support from its corporate partner has set-up a community drinking water supply plant in Tambaram. The plant was inaugurated today (September 24th, 2018 – Monday) in the presence of the community. The plant has been built within the premises of the Municipal Higher Secondary School, Selaiyur and will serve a population of more than 500 people belonging to low and middle income families residing in the area.  The plant was built in 3 months at a total cost of 35 lakhs.

The kiosks with reverse osmosis (RO) plants will dispense water to the community at a cost of Rs.7 for 20 litres. The residents will have to purchase a smart card membership to begin with, and swipe it at the kiosk to collect the required quantity of water. The cards can be recharged periodically.

As part of the initiative, corporate volunteers conducted awareness drives in the community on the significance of the community water plant. The activity received positive response from the people. A common concern expressed by the public was about how they have been spending a lot on packaged drinking water, “with  this initiative, our expenses on drinking water will be reduced”, they said.

Mr. Mohan Ranbaore, Co-Founder and Joint Managing Director, Waterlife says, “Clean Drinking water is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today and has been defined as one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.   With the support of our corporate partner and in partnership with the local administration and United Way Chennai, Waterlife has implemented a Community Safe Drinking Water plant for Tambaram community. This program will provide safe and clean water, meeting WHO and IS10500 standards. Waterlife India is the implementing partner and will undertake operations and maintenance of the plants for a period of ten years to ensure that the program remains sustainable and the community continues to enjoy the benefits in the long-term. With access to safe, clean drinking at all doorsteps, we will see a healthier community in Tambaram emerge leading to social change at many levels. Hence, we are seeking to build a stronger and more empowered nation drop by drop.”

“Concerns around safe drinking water have forced the majority of the city’s residents to buy packaged water. Even people from economically stressed groups have no choice but to buy their water. The community RO by waterlife provides clean drinking water at an extremely affordable rate. It is a model that is sustainable as well as beneficial to the community” says Advitya Thapa, Head-Projects, United Way Chennai.

By ensuring access to clean drinking water through this community water plant, the occurrence of water borne diseases are expected to come down significantly.

United Way Chennai is the project partner for the initiative.

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