Health & Sanitation

Providing quality sanitation facilities is a major component of our holistic school development programme.


Lack of proper WaSH facilities and poor awareness on sanitation directly causes health problems and dropouts (especially girls reaching age of puberty). The WaSH in schools program aims at improving infrastructure, inculcating good sanitation practices among the children, preventing health problems and reducing school dropouts.

The following are the standards adopted for quality WaSH infrastructure in Schools

Display of appropriate IEC materials related to WaSH

Awareness on standard hygiene messages (hand washing, use of toilets etc)

Effective teachers’ participation in WaSH related activities.

Plantation of trees

Sufficient toilet blocks as per student strength

Sufficient water for toilet usage

Sufficient water for hand washing

Providing safe drinking water to students


Creating a clean and disease free environment. This is achieved through the support of motivated leadership and staff at the school, who promote good hygiene practices among the children.

Sensitise the school management committee members on their role in promoting sanitation practices in the school.

Sensitise noon meal organisers to promote hand washing practice among the students before the mid-day meal.

Promote students, as “Change Agents” who spread the knowledge they acquire on sanitation and hygiene in schools to their own community, thus creating a demand for sanitary structures in the villages including individual household latrines.

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