Day of Action 2017

Every year, on June 21st, United Way celebrates ‘Day of Action’. The day is an opportunity for people to come together on a large scale and invest their time in making a difference in the community. This activity is a platform for those who wish to understand about volunteering for causes as an individual or as a corporate organization. Day of Action, every year, is based on a specific theme.

United Way Chennai’s Day Of Action on 21st June 2017, was a 60 minutes educational activity where 2000 volunteers from various colleges & corporates in the age group of 18-45 years taught 10,000 children of Corporation/Government & Panchayat union schools about the need & importance of handwash. The demonstration on 7 steps to hand wash was very useful for the children. Posters on handwashing were put up in the schools.

As part of United Way Worldwide’s Day of Action Competition 2017 (APAC) (an in-house competition within United Way chapters across the world), United Way Chennai also won both the Greatest Scale and Best Photo Award.

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