COVID-19: Preventive Healthcare Kits for Marginalised Communities, TN

A joint effort by United Way Chennai and Apexon

Dear Apexers,

India is battling against the second wave of Covid-19, healthcare workers across have been on the frontlines of this battle. However, the second wave has taken rural areas of the country by storm, the crucial facilities and essential items have fallen short in supply, causing a ripple in maintaining the protocol to prevent the virus from further spreading.

Prevention is better than Cure” –Desiderius Erasmus

Taking this into cognisance, Apexon with the support of United Way has initiated a fundraiser in order to not only create the awareness amongst the marginalised communities, but also equip them with healthcare kits comprising of pivotal hygiene and sanitation products such as sanitisers, masks and surface cleaners to empower lower-income families to practice safety norms and also immunity building Vitamin C and Zinc Tablets and , Education material in local language. We will also be conducting Vaccination Awareness Drives in selected communities.


You can choose to contribute:

  • Selected number of days of salary
  • A fixed amount from the Salary
  • An amount of your choice with direct transfer from your account

The right use of these kits, along with social distancing norms in place, will benefit families in containing the virus and maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. This in turn, contributes towards reducing the increase in the number of rising Covid-19 cases.

Your support will add immense value in granting marginalised communities with access to sanitation products, along with awareness to reinforce existing Covid-19 protocols.

Live Together, Live United                   


Here's How You Can Contribute